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Immediately after joining Nicheology you get access to the exclusive Profit System. It's designed for no more than 30 minutes a day for 14 days. However, once you see the system you could easily do it in an afternoon!

This system shows you exactly what to do every single day to get your product online and selling FAST! You need an easy process that's simple and powerful!

videoAll guess work is completely eliminated.

You actually SEE every single step. It's tough to follow written instructions with online business. But when you watch the video every step is so easy to reproduce.

We all hate to buy a product and have no clue how to make it work. But the Nicheology Profit System is clean and simple. Nothing crazy or complicated.

This is a fast track, step by step system.

Nothing left out. Everything is succinct. None of that blathering on with incoherent geek speak. Just, "Do this..." "Do that..."

And before you know it... BOOM! Your product, with your name on it is online and you keep 100% of the profits. Plus you can get affiliates to sell your product for you if you don't mind paying them a commission.

Everyone knows that the real way to make money online is to steadily release new products. And now you can without wondering how.

mapBonus #1 - The Profit Map
This tight map will give you an instant overview of the Nicheology Profit System. You'll see the flow and the power of the sequential system.

You will also see the steps you can skip when you're especially strapped for time, but want to get your new product online super fast.

listBonus #2 - The Profit List
A quick and easy check list to keep you on track and focus. Just check off the items and go you!

actionBonus #3 - The Profit Action Enforcer
We all have interruptions and distractions that assassinate our best laid plans.

Or we get off track with email, or a forum or.... you name it. So what if you got a cool tool that would literally force you to concentrate ONLY on the task at hand?

Now you do! The Profit Action Enforcer will keep you on track and on task every step of the way. (Just so you know... I actually sell this piece of productivity software on a separate site for $97.)

3 New Private Label Resell Rights To Completed, Instantly-Profitable Niche Products Every Month with Sales Letters.

Video Private Label Resell Rights To Completed, Instantly-Profitable Niche Products Every Month with Sales Letters.

Step by Step Tutorials for Private Label Rights Conversion into A Full-Blown Valuable Goldmine.

Niche Product Profiles Complete with Bids, Keyword Search Count and Affiliate Product Research Done For You. GREAT for Niche Marketers!

Business System Models and Profit Strategies That Give You Exponential Possibilities For Making Money Online, Staying Focused And Pushing Your Productivity Through the Roof!

The Profit Academy Paul Evans personally hosts this training each month. This is a $97 value all on it's own. Paul shares what he does to make millions online.

Q & A Live Every month you'll get on a call with Paul and get all your online business questions answered. Right, coaching is included in Nicheology! Another $97 value!!

...all for Less Than You Would Spend On a Casual Dinner for Two"


Enter Your Email To Get Seven Profit Reports

greenThe 31 Day Guide to Growing Your List (74 pages)
greenHow to Get F.R.E.E. Traffic (23 pages)
greenGet Massive Traffic with a 3 Day Firesale (25 pages)
greenHow to Get Affiliates that Exploded Your Profits (18 pages)
greenEmail Marketing Secrets (23 pages)
green 6 Steps to 6 Figures (17 pages)
green JV Marketing Propulsion (19 pages)

199 pages of solid, actionable content. Nothing weak or soft. Just great training to help you grow your online business and increase your profits.

Enter your name and email and click "Get Access Now"....

Membership Benefit #1: Private Label Rights

PLR Packages Added Each Month!
($3,600 Monthly Value!)
jimmy d brown

Membership Benefit #2: Video Private Label Rights

A New VIDEO PLR Package Every Month!
($997 Value!)

Everyone knows video has more credibility and a higher perceived value than ebooks. With Nicheology you can instantly open your own video training/tutorial membership!

You get everything!

  • Sales Page
  • Download Page
  • Great Product Graphics
  • The Video Product (Of, course!)

Every month you can release a brand new product to your list!

Membership Benefit #3: Product Profiles

A TON of "Niche Product Profiles"
($297 Value!)

Each "Product Profile Info Sheet" will contain information such as:

1) The number of people actively searching for information about each niche

What people are bidding in Google and other major pay per click search engines to get listed high for these niche terms [SIDENOTE: When combined with the number of searches, this data can give you a measure of the niche's potential profitability]

Potential competitors so you know who you'll need to beat (or who you can team up with)

Related special report and ecourse ideas

"Sure-Shot for Success" ideas for how to expand and dominate the niche with additional, higher-end products and services, plus much, much more...

To put it another way, these "Niche Product Profile Info Sheets" will contain all the information you need to quickly decide if a particular niche is worth pursuing. If you're focusing on affiliate marketing you can quickly grab affiliate links to promote the profitable products listed.

Membership Benefit #4: Online Business Training

Every Month You Get Even MORE Training!
($47 Value Per Month!)

By this point you might be thinking...

"Dang, there seems to be a little more to making money online than pushing a few buttons!"

Right, and business training is where the top earners separate themselves from the crowd.

I do not know a single big time internet marketer that is not CONSUMED with growing themselves and their businesses.

Strangely, they do this while promoting a "minimalist" philosophy...

"Just click here and get rich."

The top gurus are anything but minimal themselves. They consume training like I chow down at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries (and since I eliminated chewing, I can eat even faster!)

You will save thousands of dollars in section alone. Are you constantly buying new product and new shiny objects? STOP! Most likely we already have similar training right here in Nicheology!

Membership Benefit #5: The Profit Academy

Business Strategies and Models from Paul
($97 Value Per Month!)

Every month since June 2009, I've personally trained members in the Profit Academy.

The Profit Academy is where I share what's working right now. It's high-end training for entrepreneurs. Each month I do new, fresh training to help you gain and keep profitable momentum. Just click the Profit Academy" link on the member's homepage and you'll gain instant access for this month's event and archived sessions. 

Membership Benefit #6: Q & A Live

Get YOUR Internet Business Questions Answered ($97 Value Per Month!)


Yes, every single BIG money maker has a coach.


Coaching helps in four primary areas...



You see, here's what usually happens when you buy a product...

"Give Me Your Money And Good Luck!"


That's crazy!

I'm willing to bet that has happened to you. You bought a product. Had questions. But could not get them answered.

That's not the way it is here at Nicheology.

You get your questions answered EVERY MONTH

I answer these questions personally, not some anonymous member of a "coaching team."

Here are a FEW of the questions I've answered on Q & A Live... the are straight from members without editing...


How long should someone get free access to a membership area before charging them?


How can you possibly get clicks as low as six cents?


What is your favorite membership model and why?


What do you think of limited term memberships, and free memberships with other paying levels?


Should I focus on one niche or multiple niches?


Is it best to host everything on one site or use several sites?


If you have an existing blog with an Aweber opt-in, what else would you do to increase opt-ins?


I've been hearing that conventional wisdom on a profit funnel may not be the best way to start out. What have you found with this, Paul?


Who ends up becoming your high-end customer (with coaching, for example) most often?


How have they learned about you and where did they enter into your funnel?


What have your found, in your experience, to be the best "giveaway" to build your list for your opt-in pages?


Hello Paul! What system (software)do you use to track and pay your affiliates?


What software would you recommend to someone just starting out?


What's the best way to price a new release?


Do you have any suggestions on how to narrow down the "too many ideas" syndrome?


What are your thoughts on creating the Oprah factor...not being the expert but gathering and interviewing the experts?


Did you have a transition plan when you started your business?


I want to pick your brain. I have 10 hours of free time on a local cable access station. I want to leverage this time but not sure the most profitable way to utilize video to repackage over and over again. Paul, if you had 10 hours of free tv production (and air time) to do whatever you wish, what would you do as a new trainer/coach/ infopreneur?


I work for a company that sees side work as a conflict of interest (I am in a leadership development company). What do you recommend I can do to build my biz while keeping integrity with my 'paid' job in preparation for launching into my own biz one day. I don't want to wait until I quit this job to put the pieces in place to make good income one day.


I have not heard you speak much about physical books. What are your thoughts on the profitability of a physical book and how to build a business model around a physical book. Thx


When using PPC traffic, should I always send them to a squeeze page, or can I send some to a sales page and if they don't join, there is an exit pop-up encouraging them to get a freebie by joining my list?


If your website for your niche product is a blog, is it better to have the main landing page be a separate squeeze page (not part of the blog) and point back to the blog on the email confirmation, or should the main landing page be a blog page with the squeeze page inside of it?


Paul, I need your thoughts on repurposing a teleseminar. The teleseminar has a coaching component so I give content then people get live coaching. What is the best repurposing ideas on audio telesminars? right now, I have the recordings posted for free on my site. What are your thoughts on monetize or maximizing these recordings? thanks.


Do you have any advise of how to monetize personal development for a group of people who are usually spending someone else's money or only willing to spend money on frivolous things? I want to help them find their purpose in their crisis. Career planning with a twist. Thoughts on monetizing to a market that wants the benefits without paying for personal development?


I am interested in your lessons learned in the public speaking market. I want to target a gender specific niche and come from the confident communication at work perspective. Does this market like videos, audios, or ebooks?


I am starting from scratch. If you could start all over again, what would you do differently tomorrow? Three simple steps. Thanks Paul!


What is the fastest way to make 500 dollars in Nicheology in 24hrs with out no list no product?


Paul - What is your opinion of buying and selling domain names for profit? Thank you.


HI Paul- You are right, this call is so valuable, I have a 2 part question: 1- Can you offer some direction on the best (and least costly, although I realize those two criteria may be at odds) place to get some help sorting out a technical problem with a WordPress blog? I have an 18 month old blog that is giving me all sorts of error messages and I don't have a clue what to do. 2- I have a recent backup and have considered just deleting the blog and trying to restore it from the back up (scary) as a last resort. If I do this and keep the same URL, will it kill the "aging" credit in Google? I know that search engines tend to like older sites and I would hate to lose the 18 months. I know these are bad questions to ask at the last minute, I just found this problem. If you can help, great. If not, you still rock!


What would you consider the best 3 sources of free or really cheap traffic for an affiliate site in the "Save Marriage" niche? Thanks


I am a newbie and this question has to do with any kind of sales (affiliate, plr, ebook, etc). Jimmy D Brown has said, quality content comes from experience rather than from research. If we are not "experts" or even "intermediates" in any field, then wouldn't the bulk of our "start-up" time on-line be consumed with building our professionalism?


How do you build true professionalism in online marketing without ever selling anything?


How do I develop experience and build professionalism?


Hello Paul! What do you think of forced continuity for membership sites? You know, the free trial offer when they opt-in for your free (S&H) CD? What do you suggest?


Hello Paul! Have you looked into the Wish List Membership software for WordPress? Do you have a recommendation for a simple membership software, or what do you think about just emailing your subscribers with the info each week (simple, but totally unprotected...and you are dealing with email issues...).


Answers to those questions - and a whole lot more are waiting for you inside Nicheology. And... I'm waiting for YOUR QUESTIONS.

Get YOUR questions answered every month! Just like the Profit Academy, if I were to open Q & A Live as a separate business, I would charge $97 a month. (Even though it's worth way more than that.)

One of our members got his question answered and turned it into $30,000 in six weeks. I can't promise you the same results, but what if he hadn't been a member and had no one to ask? Or even worse, what if he went to a forum and asked the opinion of people who sit around on forums all day never making a dime. Gulp! He may have lost money






Success is NOT an Accident!

paul evans



Paul Evans

CEO Nicheology





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